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Car Maintenance Service Station in Richmond, Virginia

At Haley Buick GMC-Airport, we offer a wide range of car repairs and service updates, including general repairs and maintenance on Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC. From factory recalls and warranty service on models, to routine maintenance like oil changes and fluid flushes, we have you covered! With our convenient online service schedule form, we can get you set up with an appointment at a time that works best for you.

Transmission acting up? Brakes squeaking? Time for an oil change? Contact Haley Buick GMC-Airport’s Richmond service station today for high-quality auto repair today!

Lube, Oil & Filter Change in Richmond, VA

If it’s time to change your oil, then you’ve come to the right place! Regularly changing your oil will help protect your car and keep it on the road for as long as possible. We offer both synthetic and standard oil changes. When you take your car to Haley Buick GMC-Airport, you’re getting the peace of mind that your vehicle will be with you a long time.

Front End Alignment in Richmond, VA

Have you noticed that your car pulls to either side while you drive? Are your tires wearing unevenly? Then it sounds like you need a tire alignment! Aligning your tires not only makes driving your car safer, but it helps you save money on future tire repair. When your car’s alignment is off, you’ll see an uneven ware on tires, which means you’ll be replacing some tires on your car more frequently than others! Come by Haley Buick GMC-Airport for front end tire alignment.

Brake Adjustment in Richmond, VA

Your brakes—possibly the most important system in your car—require routine maintenance to ensure that they function properly. Haley Buick GMC-Airport offers brake inspection, repair, and replacement in the Richmond, VA area. But how do you know if your brakes are starting to get old? Usually, they’ll let you know! If your brakes are squeaking, or if you’ve noticed they have less power than they have in the past, come by Haley Buick GMC-Airport for a brake inspection!

Full Auto Service Package in Richmond, VA

If you want the full car care package, then our full service auto package is the best choice for you! We will:

  • Change your car’s fluids
  • Rotate tires
  • Provide a multi-point inspection
  • Change oil and filters

Our service package will ensure that your car runs at its optimal levels and best of all, will save you multiple trips to the mechanic while keeping money in your wallet. Learn more here!

Muffler and Exhaust System Repair in Richmond, VA

Your muffler and exhaust system is essential to not only your car, but your own personal health, and also the environment. A faulty muffler will cause noxious gas to leak into your car and into the surrounding atmosphere. For your safety and those around you, be sure to have your muffler checked routinely! If your muffler is making unusual sounds or emitting unusual smoke from the exhaust pipe, contact Haley Buick GMC-Airport today!

Coolant Flush in Richmond, VA

Keeping your car running at a cool temperature is essential to its health. Running your car with an overheating engine can cause warped cylinder heads, a blown head gasket, melted engine components, or damage to the exhaust system. By routinely flushing your coolant system and checking your coolant fluid level, you can spare yourself from costly car maintenance in the future. Learn more about our car coolant system services.

Car Inspections in Richmond, VA

Haley Buick GMC-Airport is a licensed auto inspection station. But we do more than just inspect your car—we’ll check to make sure your car is functioning at its peak level of efficiency as well. Plus, if part of your inspection fails, we can begin repairing your car immediately in order to beat the 15-day waiting period to fix a faulty part. Schedule your next Virginia car inspection today!

Transmission Service and Flush in Richmond, VA

Your transmission is one of the most intricate and important systems in your car. Not only does it put your car in gear, but it provides the power required to make your car go. But your transmission system can get gummed up by tiny debris over time. That’s why Haley Buick GMC-Airport offers transmission flush services in the Richmond, VA area. We also offer high-quality transmission repair. If your transmission is having trouble, we’ll get it fixed quickly and correctly.

Electrical Service for Cars in Richmond, VA

If you’ve noticed your car’s battery is fading, or are in need of fuse, sparkplug, or alternator maintenance, Haley Buick GMC-Airport is the best choice for your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram. Since many car issues can be tied to electrical problems, if something about your car isn’t functioning just right, come by our Richmond service station and we’ll check it out for you.

Tire Alignment, Inflation & Rotation in Richmond, VA

Tires are key components of the performance and safety of your vehicle. Properly aligned and inflated tires help your maximize fuel economy and enhance the performance of your car’s safety features. Proper tire alignment, inflation, and rotation of your car’s tires will help with fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and extend tire life for your car. To learn more about how you can extend your tire’s life, check out our informational video on increasing your tire’s lifespan.

Radiator Repair in Richmond, VA

Car overheating? Temperature gauge going through the roof? Then you probably have a crack in your radiator. Your radiator system is one of the most essential in your car. By pumping coolant through your engine as it runs, it keeps your car’s engine from overheating or abruptly quitting. Without properly cooling your engine, you can cause your engine to functionally fail by cracking your engine block. So simply put, if you’re car’s temperature doesn’t look right, it’s important to get to your Richmond car radiator specialists, Haley Buick GMC-Airport, ASAP!

Contact Haley Buick GMC-Airport for Car Maintenance & Repair in Richmond, VA

If you’re in need of car maintenance, contact Haley Buick GMC-Airport’s Richmond services station today. We only offer quality licensed parts, and have the most complete inventory in the region. Schedule an appointment today!

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